Elizabeth Prevost

Elizabeth Prevost
Elizabeth Prevost
(Photo by Justin Hayworth)

How will the HSSC impact the way that you teach/the way your students learn?

I’m excited for students in the Humanities and Social Sciences to feel a part of something bigger than their particular majors, but also to feel like those majors have a home. I think the building will generate good intellectual energy for both reasons.

What part of the new building are you looking forward to the most?

The reading room and faculty/staff lounge, for opposite reasons. I’m looking forward to socializing opportunities in the lounge between faculty and staff, and also having a place to retreat and think in the reading room.

What part of the new building do you wish more people were talking about? 

The atrium and coffee bar—I hope the atrium will feel like some kind of European piazza. Also, the Institute for Global Engagement seems like it will be a nice focal point.