Campus Construction Update: June 4–10, 2018

Please note: On Tuesday-Wednesday, June 5-6, McGough will be in ARH offices to demo four (4) locations with 2’x 2’ceilings. Wednesday the 6th from 5 p.m.-3 a.m., drilling upon existing roof will occur to install final davits and plates on underside of office ceilings. All major work activity at the Humanities and Social Studies Complex (HSSC) and the Admission and Financial Aid (AFA) building is included below. Abbreviation key: SOG — slab on grade; SOD — slab on deck; MEP — mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; FF — finished floor; HM — hollow metal; OH — overhead; AHU — air handling unit; any reference to “pour” refers to pouring concrete; CMU — concrete masonry unit.

HSSC: Major activity week of June 4

  • Basement equipment testing
  • Hang drywall – 2nd and 3rd floor, south pavilion
  • Drywall finish – 2nd and 3rd floor, south pavilion
  • Paint – 2nd and 3rd floor, south pavilion
  • Wall rough-in/backing/framing – 2nd and 3rd floor, north pavilion
  • Overhead MEP – north pavilion
  • Door frames – north pavilion (as needed)
  • Atrium – duct insulation
  • Atrium – roof drain extension eyebrow complete
  • Atrium – eyebrow roofing
  • Atrium – fire protection interior completed
  • Atrium – floor duct tie-ins
  • Main power permanent transfer
  • Rest rooms floor tile – south pavilion, 2nd floor
  • Interior wall framing – 3rd floor, south and north pavilion/misc.
  • Air barrier – waterproofing, atrium soffit (as needed)
  • Brick veneer – north elevation (final)
  • Copper metal panel field – north pavilion, south side 99%
  • Underground piping – north pavilion continuation
  • Mass excavation/underground (landscaping)
  • Hang drywall – north pavilion, 1st floor

AFA: Major activity week of June 4

  • Start of trellis foundations
  • Start west side roof panels
  • Complete grid 1-3 roof panels
  • Bridge soffits
  • Vestibule knee wall framing (w/curtain wall)
  • Start curtain west
  • Drywall grids 13-18, 2nd floor
  • Complete stone work and demobilize
  • Complete drywall finish 1st floor (except lobby and Rm 102)
  • Start exterior cladding sub framing

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