Campus Construction Update: June 11-17, 2018

All major work activity at the Humanities and Social Studies Complex (HSSC) and the Admission and Financial Aid (AFA) building is included below. Abbreviation key: SOG — slab on grade; SOD — slab on deck; MEP — mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; FF — finished floor; HM — hollow metal; OH — overhead; AHU — air handling unit; any reference to “pour” refers to pouring concrete; CMU — concrete masonry unit.

HSSC: Major activity week of June 11

  • Hang drywall – 2nd and 3rd floor, south pavilion
  • Drywall finish – 2nd and 3rd floor, south pavilion
  • Paint – 2nd and 3rd floor, south pavilion
  • Wall rough-in/backing/framing – 2nd and 3rd floor, north pavilion
  • Overhead MEP – north pavilion
  • Door Frames – north pavilion (as needed)
  • Floor box install – access floor locations
  • Atrium – roof drain extension eyebrow complete
  • Atrium – eyebrow roofing
  • Atrium – floor duct tie-ins
  • Atrium – roofing completed less detail
  • Rest rooms floor tile – south pavilion, 2nd floor
  • Interior wall framing – 3rd floor, south and north pavilions/misc.
  • Air barrier – waterproofing, atrium soffit (as needed)
  • Brick veneer – north elevation (final)
  • Copper metal panel field – north pavilion, south side completed
  • Underground piping – north pavilion continuation
  • Mass excavation/underground (landscaping)
  • Hang drywall – north pavilion, 1st floor

AFA: Major activity week of June 11

  • Drywall finish continues, 2nd floor
  • All framing/rough-ins backing completed for northwest mechanical
  • All trailers and storage trailers removed from alley
  • Drywall finish, Rm 102
  • Exterior cladding sub framing, start
  • Complete west side grid 1-3 roof panels
  • Complete stone work and demobilize

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