Campus Construction Update: Sept. 24–30, 2018

All major work activities for the Humanities and Social Studies Complex (HSSC), the Admission and Financial Aid (AFA) building, and campus landscaping are included below. Abbreviation key: SOG — slab on grade; SOD — slab on deck; MEP — mechanical, electrical, and plumbing; FF — finished floor; HM — hollow metal; OH — overhead; AHU — air handling unit; any reference to “pour” refers to pouring concrete; CMU — concrete masonry unit; LVT – luxury vinyl tile (resilient flooring); TPO – thermoplastic polyolefin (membrane); APC— Acoustical Panel Ceiling

HSSC: Major activity week of Sept. 24

  • Basement MEP continuation
  • Insulation duct/pipe continuation
  • Drywall finish – north pavilion 3rd/skylight south pavilion
  • Paint 3rd floor north pavilion
  • Ceiling grid – north pavilion 2nd
  • Chilled beams – north pavilion 3rd
  • Overhead MEP – 3rd north pavilion
  • Exterior APC4 eyebrow east – atrium high roof
  • Bridge ceiling plaster – atrium
  • Bridge ceiling MEP – atrium
  • Restroom floor tile – north pavilion 3rd floor
  • Corridor tile – south pavilion 3rd and 2nd floor east
  • Lighting install – south pavilion 3rd north pavilion 2nd
  • Interior caulking – south pavilion
  • Millwork – south pavilion
  • Window stool trim – south and north pavilion
  • Interior glazing and framing – north pavilion
  • Exterior ceiling APC5 – atrium

AFA: Major activity week of Sept. 24

  • Install of the Swiss pearl system
  • Detailing and seaming joints on copper roof
  • General clean
  • Install elevator car doors on both floors
  • Install wood ceiling
  • Carpet on 1st floor
  • Paint touch up throughout
  • Decorative rail tread delivery
  • Cork flooring install on 2nd floor
  • Wood wall cladding install

College Landscape Project: Major activity week of Sept. 24

  • Install bioswale north side of HSSC
  • Place bike shelter footing/paver pad/bike racks Noyce n/s sidewalk
  • Set bike racks HSSC main plaza
  • Concrete base paving HSSC main plaza
  • Prep snowmelt area HSSC east entrance main plaza
  • Install snowmelt HSSC east entrance main plaza
  • Install lights Noyce n/s sidewalk
  • Broken English footings/walls HSSC main plaza
  • Bench footings/walls HSSC main plaza

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