Grinnell College is proud to be one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. Our advancements in global studies and digital liberal arts exemplify programming that will secure Grinnell’s future as a national and international leader in liberal arts education. Bold, well-executed investments in human and intellectual capital will allow Grinnell students to discover, grow, and engage globally and across disciplines in ways that weren’t possible only a few years ago.

Our students and alumni know Grinnell as a “dream setting” for excellence in higher education. Superb teaching and curricula, along with a carefully cared-for campus, provides students with a globally superior learning environment and a sense of place that inspires and excites.

The spaces in which people learn are critically multidimensional. They are at the heart of our purpose. Well-designed learning environments promote inquiry, collaboration, and creativity.

Many of our professors  are still teaching humanities and social studies in the Alumni Recital Hall (ARH) and Carnegie, dedicated in 1916 and 1905, respectively. Those facilities have not been thoroughly renovated in decades. Teaching has undergone a huge transformation in the 100 years since ARH and Carnegie were built. Classrooms are no longer lecture-based, but are hubs of consolidated activity. Student success relies on technological capacity and the spatial flexibility to support innovative teaching and learning.

The ARH/Carnegie renovation and expansion, along with two other related projects, is part of a long-term campus plan to improve and update Grinnell College’s academic spaces. These three projects comprise Phase I of the long-term plan:

  1. Renovation and expansion of ARH/Carnegie to create a new Humanities and Social Studies Center to better support teaching and learning .
  2. A new Admission and Financial Aid Center.
  3. A comprehensive campus landscaping, entry, and wayfinding plan.

We celebrate our good fortune to be associated with one of the best and most innovative liberal arts colleges in the nation.

We believe that all alumni and friends who are deeply and personally committed to Grinnell College will consider this opportunity to honor tradition and provide a legacy that will benefit generations of future Grinnellians.

For more information regarding investment and recognition opportunities in support of the Humanities and Social Studies Center project, please contact:

Susan Kriegel, Office of Development and Alumni Relations
Email: kriegels@grinnell.edu